MPEG 128, Geneva

MPEG Geneva

Zetacast was pleased to support Samsung at the 128th MPEG meeting, which was held in Geneva in October 2019.

At this meeting MPEG promoted ISO/IEC 23094-1 Essential Video Coding, informally known as MPEG-5 EVC, to the Draft International Standard (DIS) stage of ISO/IEC standardization. The goal of MPEG-5 EVC is to provide a standardized video coding solution to address business needs in use cases, such as video streaming, where existing ISO video coding standards have not been as widely adopted as might be expected from their purely technical characteristics.

MPEG-5 EVC will include a Baseline profile that contains only technologies that are over 20 years old or are otherwise expected to be royalty-free.  A Main profile will add a small number of additional tools, without these constraints.  Each of these additional tools is individually capable of being either cleanly switched off or else cleanly switched over to the corresponding Baseline tool. With the Main profile tools all turned on, the compression performance was measured to be approximately 30% better than HEVC for Ultra High Definition content.