Standardisation and Industry Groups


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Our experienced consultants can help represent your interests and strengthen your voice in standardisation bodies or industry groups. With years of experience in working at the highest levels within such bodies, we will help you to gain the maximum strategic benefit from your standardisation activities.

Zetacast provides the Chair of the group responsible for developing DVB audio and video coding standards (TM-AVC), which are subsequently published via ETSI. It is active in the ISO/IEC and ITU-T standardisation groups working on video coding, providing the Head of Delegation for the UK at MPEG meetings and the Chair of the BSI group that formulates the UK input to MPEG and JPEG.

Zetacast is also active in industry groups, being a founder member of the Digital Interoperability Forum (DIF) and helping to support the activities of the Forum for Advanced Media in Europe (FAME), the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance (AAPA), Digital Europe (DE) and the Digital Television Group (DTG).

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