Policy and Regulation

International and national legislation affect almost every aspect of doing business today.

The process from EU policy-making to legislation and then transposition into national law can be long, complex and cumbersome. It is also influenced by policy developments elsewhere, such as the US. There is ample scope for companies to influence the process, particularly at the earlier stages, but often companies have neither the resource nor the appetite to monitor regulatory developments and analyse the future implications on their business. Companies may therefore be unaware of legislation until it impacts upon them, by which time the consequences can be costly.

Zetacast’s expert consultants have extensive experience in assessing the strategic implications that policies may have on your business and of engaging effectively with the relevant processes to help influence the direction of future regulation. We can  help  you to keep abreast of policies and influence the development of regulations that may affect your business in many areas, including:

EU eye

  • Environment & Energy Efficiency
  • Spectrum
  • Audiovisual and Online Media
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Protection and Piracy
  • E-Inclusion and Accessibility
  • Digital Agenda
  • Standardisation Policy
  • Advocacy and Representation